University of Surrey Catholic Chaplaincy
Welcome to or welcome back to Surrey. This is just a quick note to introduce myself to you. I am available on Campus throughout the week to talk, to help, and to support, laugh, cry etc. Just give me a call or drop by the office and I will do my best to help ...

I am always happy to meet up for a chat, so please do not hesitate to contact me. If you are a Catholic and would like to know about our meetings, Masses, and social activities, please contact me by email, and I can put you on the mailing list. If you would like to meet up to talk, please call me on my mobile and we can arrange a time.

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I have been at the University of Surrey since 2002. Previously I worked in FE Chaplaincy in Bristol, but I have been involved in Roman Catholic parishes and communities all my life. I also have many years of experience in retail management. I am passionate about supporting the Catholic Community at the University of Surrey and beyond, and about exploring the possibilities of dialogue with other Christian communities and with those of other faiths. I was one of the originators of the project for a Multi Faith Centre (MFC) at the University of Surrey. This project is now being persued with a view to providing a Chaplaincy Centre for the University in the near future.

I am always ready to offer support to anyone in difficulty, whether these be with regard to work, personal issues or studies, regardless of your beliefs.

John can be contacted at any time at
Land Line: 01483 571091
Mobile: 07870 277743

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The Roman Catholic Chaplaincy to the University of Surrey is provided by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Arundel and Brighton
The Arundel and Brighton Trust is a Registered Charity No. 252878

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